If Singaporeans were to decide or elect their PM – Tharman it shall be

Below is an extract from a post about the curious case of a wildly popular politician by a Augustine Low posted in the TRE on Tharman.

“Tharman Shanmugaratnam is a one-of-a-kind politician. He has more ardent fans than any other. Netizens have long clamoured for him to be Prime Minister. Even critics of the PAP have heaped praise on him.

Yet Tharman never sought adulation. On the contrary he seemed discomfited by it and has done his best to deflect attention, protesting “I’m not the man for PM. I say that categorically. It’s not me . . . I know myself, I know what I can do, and it’s not me.”….
How cool is that – a poet and a David Bowie fan who became a Deputy Prime Minister?

The supremely smart and brainy side of Tharman is most apparent to people. He has a sterling record as Finance Minister and is the first Asian to chair the G-30 – a prestigious global body of top financial experts. He has also been named Finance Minister of the Year by Euromoney magazine.

For someone who is not attention-seeking or rhetoric-driven, who is in fact diffident at times, he actually has a great common touch and rapport with citizens. In the 2015 general election, Tharman outperformed all others, securing 79.3% of the votes for Jurong GRC….

In fact there are a surprising number of people who still harbour hopes of Tharman being Prime Minister. It may be wishful thinking. But it just goes to show that Singaporeans are not looking for sound and fury in their leader, for someone who is ever generous with promises. Rather, Singaporeans are dying for someone who is smart yet straight talking and sincere, and whose imperfections make him all the more human and relatable.”

If Singaporeans were to elect their PM, Tharman will win hands down. Unfortunately Singaporeans do not have this right to vote and elect a PM of their choice. The PAP elite, the inner circle, or is it one man, will decide who will be the PM of Singapore. Singaporeans have been living with this myth for a long time, that the electoral system allows them to elect the PM. No, never will they be allowed to choose or elect their PM. The PM is not the people’s choice, then, now and going forward under the current system.

In the same sense, Singaporeans did not and will not elect a President of their choice though they think they did. The system has excluded the people’s president and allowed the ruling govt to decide who the Singaporeans can elect as the president in a small pool of you know who.

But if providence would have its way, Tharman looks set to be the next PM. All the factors and schemings are working in his favour. The more they schemed the more likely Tharman would become the PM.


Contempt of Court?

Below are some discussions in the TRE regarding MPs writing to the courts. This issue was also reported in the main media. The discussions assumed that it was alright and an acceptable practice to write to the court on a pending case or a case under trial. Do these people understand the meaning of contempt of court?

What is contempt of court? To influence the judges to make decisions for or against the parties in a case. And knowing how sensitive and easily influenced are the judges even to social media, Shanmugam had warned the public not to anyhow write about a case when it is in court. Think about it, if the judges can be easily influenced by public opinions of nobodies in social media, not I say one, how much more would they be affected by letters from MPs or even ministers? (Personally I think the judges are highly trained professionals and with high integrity and would not be easily influenced by any Tom, Dick and Harry). Read below and form your own conclusion on the arrogance, ignorance and insensitivity of MPs writing to judges on a case.

And the party has no specific rules regarding writing to judges except a few words by LKY not to do so but nothing about writing to the judges is contempt of court! Is influencing the judges a contempt of court?

"Two weeks ago, High Court judge See Kee Oon questioned an appellant’s use of a letter from her MP Lam Pin Min (Sengkang West) to play down the offence she was convicted of. (Juz wondering? MP White Horse? Or spouse White Horse or grassroots tua kee?

Kee Chui, Minister and Chief Whip, was then quoted by ST as saying that the PAP has “no specific governing rules” on the sending of MP letters to the courts or other agencies or ministries.
A retired district judge, Mr Low Wee Ping, who was the Registrar of the Subordinate Courts and Supreme Court in the 1980s, in a letter to ST, said one Harry Lee had instructed all MPs, in writing, that they should not write such letters to the courts.
Mr Lee was also of the view that if the MP’s constituent resident perceived his sentence imposed by the court as lenient, he might attribute it solely to the MP’s letter, and, therefore, feel obligated or grateful to vote for the MP in an election wrote
MPs approached by TODAY, such as West Coast GRC MP Patrick Tay, said they are aware of the “long-standing practice” for PAP MPs not to write to the courts on behalf of their constituents*."


The Lunar New Year homecoming

2.98 billion trips, not 2.98m trips would be taken in the 40 days before and after the Chinese New Year of the Dog. Hundreds of millions of Chinese would return home for family reunions, a modern day migration of people working in the cities and overseas and making it a point to be reunited and to be in touch with parents, children and siblings during this festive season. These people will be travelling by land, rail and road, by trains, coaches and private vehicles, and by air and sea/river to be home all over China, some in remote villages, in the mountains and in the deserts.

The logistics to bring these people home safely and on time are a nightmare to the transport providers. Additional trains, flights, coaches, boats etc etc would be added to the routine trips. What is unspoken, unimaginable, are delays, breakdowns or accidents when the travellers commute to and from their homes and places of work. If errors or mechanical faults were to occur for 3% of these trips, it would mean 90 million trips affected.  A 1% error would mean 10 million trips affected.

The wonder of it all is that this annual mass migration have been going on smoothly, like clock work precision, with very little delays. A coach delay, a flight delay may just affect that coach or plane, a breakdown in a train, or track fault, would bring down the services of that particular line and many trains and passengers would be held back. It would not be simply detrained and the passengers walked to the nearest station and all is well. The journeys are in hundreds and thousands of kilometers and the stations are tens of kilometres apart. The providers of these services cannot afford to have train faults and delays. They did not have such luxuries to play with. They cannot simply apologise for the delays as thousands of people will be affected and you can have a riot in hand.

The Chinese transport providers have silently been providing these efficient services and have been taken for granted that it is part and parcel of life, normal, nothing unusual. The passengers, the govt, did not even have to say a thing or to acknowledge such seamless and efficient moving of people, transferring from air, sea and land services as if it is routine, to their destinations in time.

It is all about efficiency, technology, meticulous planning, work attitude and responsibility and many things more, to make this migration a success every year, every Chinese New Year, for the hundreds of millions of Chinese travellers. Nothing to crow about.


Keyuan - A touching new year story

Below is an extract of an article in Channel News Asia online that speaks about the goodness of being humans, to empathise, feel and to help when help is needed. Bless  the Yaps and Keyuan for a happy new year and many more to come.

"Given up when he was just a few days old, Keyuan was seven at the time of filming and already considered too old by a number of prospective parents, who preferred a child that was younger and female. In China, children become ineligible for adoption once they turn 14.

It was Keyuan’s poignant quote that did it for the Yaps. “I must be patient,” he said, the optimism shining in his eyes. “We can’t rush it. If we all rush for it, we’ll end up fighting!”

Said Dr Lim: “At the end of the documentary, I was in tears.
I remember thinking: What if everyone thought that someone was going to do something, and nobody did anything, and he just ended up waiting and waiting - and nobody came?
“The human heart can only take so much grief... so we thought - we can’t do everything but we can do this one thing.”

So the couple, who are Singapore permanent residents and United States citizens, flew up to Beijing to meet Keyuan and got the process going. And on Jan 29, 2018, he was officially adopted into the Yap family – with whom he is spending his very first Chinese New Year in Singapore, in a real home to call his own."

Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/cnainsider/china-disabled-orphan-keyuan-singapore-adopted-alenah-9965340


Redbean wishes everyone a Happy and Prosperous Year of the Dogs

This Year of the Dog has a lot of great things for Singaporeans. A lot of them will be happy anticipating and celebrating to pay more taxes, something that the govt knows the Singaporeans love to do and can afford to do, be they working, not working, semi retired or retired, got money no money, never mind. And in return the govt will be working happily for more schemes to help the Singaporeans to put more money into their CPF accounts so that they not only can smile every time they see their CPF statements but also knowing that the govt is busily taking good care of them and their CPF savings.

The Year of the Dog is indeed a great year for celebration for Singaporeans, a great year for the dogs.

World Peace is threatened by the Evil Empire and its poodle UK

UK is is hanging on to the coat tail of the bankrupt Evil Empire to appear as if it is still a great power. It is obeying USA order to join the QUAD to provoke China in sailing their warships jointly through Chinese territorial waters in the South China Sea. UK, USA , Japan and the West must be reminded China has not forgotten the Opium Wars they imposed on China in the 1830s and 1850s and the huge quantum of war indemnities of hundreds of billions of silver dollars they imposed on China that greatly impoverished China . China was reduced to an inconsequential pauper state and was still paying the war indemnities until 1949 when the Peoples Republic of China under the great leadership of Chairman Mao Tse-tung and his competent patriotic colleagues stopped the payment. UK must be reminded in no uncertain terms to stop playing mischiefs with China though it is at the behest of USA and must know China has yet to settle her scores with all the great wrongs and evil that was done to China with the resultant lost of over three million square miles of Chinese territory to Imperial Zarist Russia, UK, France and Japan. Through the hard work and deligence of the Chinese people China has risen from the ashes like the proverbial Phoenix and is now rich and powerful. China must be firm and will not tolerate any nonsense from any quarter even if it is the Evil Empire and its Quad members.

But the desperate Evil Empire is hanging on as the world's only super power ( though it is declining now ) by depending on its military might and control of  of the toxic Petrol Dollar , a ponzi scheme which has been cheating and swindling the whole world in trade , commerce and finance for  decades. It knows the game will soon be over with the Petrol Dollar as China , Russia and the BRIC countries have every intention to take it down, so as for survival now it is using its traditional vile method of inciting, staging and conducting permanent wars to generate income via the vicious active roles of CIA and the Pentagon and its use and function of its NGOs to propagate and build its fifth columns in targeted countries .

USA is getting panicky and is increasing its military budget to almost eight hundred billion dollars. and upgrading its nuclear weapons to frighten Russia and China. It is playing a very dangerous game and is almost over the brink with its never ending caustic rhetoric and vile and wild propaganda against Russia, China, North Korea , Iran and Venezuela and the staging of simultaneous imperial wars in many Middle East countries, Afghanistan and Africa and inciting strives and tensions in Asia, Korea, East China Sea, South China Sea and South America.

USA's every insidious action is indicating to the world that the coming Third World War is inevitable. The imperial wars in the Middle East and hiking tensions in Korea and elsewhere is a preamble to the coming horrific Third World War.

Creating tensions in Korea and making false wild accusations against DPRK and Iran is only a side show but more to serve as a false basis for a reason for eventual attack against Russia and China.American leaders are psychopatic war mongers with deranged minds and they are mad and lunatic. Their evil behaviour and actions are putting the world in great danger for many of them strongly believe they can triump over Russia and China in a nuclear war and only USA can survive in that war. Neverthelesss Russia, China Iran, DPRK and the free world must stand firm and cohesive against USA and the West and be fully prepared to fight an all out total war against imperial America which may soon plunge the world into a nuclear war.

The survival of mankind is now in doubt with nuclear war clouds hovering over the horizon . But hopefully great men of wisdom will ultimately appear in all countries and with right logic, clear thinking and wisdom and the absense of false ego the world may yet be saved from nuclear holocaust.


Thursday, 15th February, 2018

UK – A has been world power refusing to live with reality

The UK, a spent force today, is sending a frigate HMS Sutherland, to the South China Sea in the name of freedom of navigation. The Chinese have said that every country enjoys the freedom of navigation in the SC Sea, but stay out of China’s territorial waters. China has warned the Brits not to cause trouble.

This spent military force, after the sinking of the Prince of Wales and the Repulse, hyped as the unsinkable battleships, were sank by the Japanese in WW2, and together the British Empire sank with them. China must stand very firm and should the British pirates sail the Sutherland into Chinese waters, they should simply sink it, make it the third British battleship to be sunk in the South China Sea. This would be a good avenge for the burning and looting of the Summer Place.

For the invasion of China and the Opium Wars, China would take its time to bring the British to justice. And no war would be needed. In another few decades the British Isles would be taken over by the Africans and Asians and the white British would be a minority in their islands. China could simply buy the islands from the new owners of the British isles that by then would be run down to become third world slums. This is the fate of Britain awaiting the descendants of British pirates.

The trip by HMS Sutherland would be the last hurray and would sink whatever there is left of the memory of the British Empire. China has completed its defence structures in the Chinese islands and the British would be foolish to think that it would be another easy foray into Chinese waters like their opium warships. Just don’t trifle or test the patience of the Chinese. This time the Chinese would not tolerate these foreign devils anymore.

And it would be too late for the British sailors to sing God Save the Queen when Sutherland goes down with its crew to meet the ghosts of Prince of Wales and the Repulse. There will be a big welcome party waiting for them down under the South China Sea. Old debt and new scores would be settled in the South China Sea in the 21st Century.

PS. It was reported in the media that Heathrow Airport duty free shop discriminated against Chinese shoppers, that discounts were given to other shoppers for purchases worth 250 pounds but for Chinese shoppers, discounts only given for purchases above 1,000 pounds. Chinese tourists have called for a boycott of Heathrow duty free shop. They should also boycott everything British. Imagine this kind of racist discrimination still going on in Heathrow and going on for so long until a Chinese national reported it. If not, the discrimination would continue against Chinese shoppers. The Chinese should boycott all the products from this beggar country now out on a limb from EU. They said, beggars cannot be choosers, but this beggar still thinks it can cause mischief in Chinese territories and want China to sign a free trade agreement with them.